Thursday, May 10, 2007

If I were Queen.......

Well, if I were Queen: Of course, the first things I would do away with would be war, poverty, and mean people! So assuming the general population was taken care of, I would then decree the following:

1. Issuance of big diamond rings (tastefully done) to all who would so like.
2. Each person would have 3 vacations a year: one to somewhere exotic (Japan, Europe, Africa), one to somewhere in the USA (New York city, Rocky Mountain National Park, Bainbridge Island, San Francisco), and then one with their extended family to a place with several cabins on a lake.
3. Every Friday after work each person would go to a bookstore and pick out a new book and several magazines. Then Friday night would be extended by four hours and you would not be tired at all after the work week.
4. Taco Bell would taste the same, but have no calories. The same with pizza, bread, cheese, and chocolate.
5. For all those who are passionate about their hobbies; an allotment of free supplies would be coming your way. For example, for me there would be 3 free stamps a week!
6. I would decree that a full-time job would be 30 hours a week. I think that is plenty! Also, everyone would be paid a real living wage!!
7. A new car!!!! (said in a game show announcer voice!)

8. Cool purses and shoes for everyone! Vera Bradley! Coach! El Naturalista shoes! Etc.
9. And lastly, (and this one won't make sense to any but Mike, my Dad, and I), there will be no IRL, and all of my favorite drivers will be back to Champ Car and they will be way more popular then Nascar.



Noreen said...

Egg Salad For Everyone! (I can't believe that was not number 10!!)

Trixie said...

If I were Queen, "A" would stand for Art and everyone would be able to do a little everyday!

Heather said...

Dude.. you SO get my vote!!
All hail queen Laura!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

portillo's would be the official food of the kingdom!! and sweat pants and long sleeved tee-shirts would be the offical wear of the kingdom!!