Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wow! Getting back into the swing of things is so hard! I have been home for two weeks and I am still reading the same book! It is a really fast read and so well written, and I still am having trouble finishing it! I am working really hard at my new job, trying to prove my worth I guess. I am still enjoying the new job and working with my buddy Jane.

Mostly, I have been working and then coming home and hanging with Mike. However, recently I had the great thrill of meeting Anjali of Lotus Reads!!!!!!!
She was in town for a literary festival and we got to meet briefly during a break in the action there. I drove her up and down part of Lake Shore Drive because if you are in Chicago you have to see that! Anjali is so cool and so smart!!! She is really interesting to talk to and a total sweetie!!! I wish she lived closer!

I have not been in my stamp room in a month!! Scandal!! I am planning on driving out to my friend Trish's house this Saturday for some stamping therapy! Hopefully I will have something cool to post on my blog!

Wish I had some more exciting news to report, but for now I am just living life, having a good time, drinking Tab, and eating Starburst candies (one of the gals in the office has them on her desk and I am now addicted! Sheesh!).


Karen said...

You and your tab!! You are tooo funny! I haven't had starburst candies in a long time. That sounds goooooood. Glad to hear you are enjoying life, but not stamping for a whole MONTH!!! WOW!! Of course, I have no room to talk right now. Good luck with therapy.......Hope it helps!! I will be waiting to see your all of your wonderful creations.

Trixie said...

Starburst Jellybeans are the bees knees! May good JuJu be a flowing and if not, it is peaceful in the country! But I got challenges and ideas brewing for ya girlfriend!

One Crabapple said...

A Month ! ?

Okay that is a crime

A sin !

Get in there girrrrrl !

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Laura!

It's always hard to get back to a routine after a great vacation! I wasn't in Chicago long, but my mind is still there. Man, I really do love your city, Laura! :) Thanks so much for showing me around...I truly enjoyed the drive and your wonderful company. I, too, wish we lived closer.

I am halfway through "A Reluctant Fundamentalist" and enjoying it very much! Thanks a bunch for the recommendation!

Hope you get back to stamping soon...I miss seeing your cards!

Have a beautiful weekend,Laura!

MarilynH said...

Hooray you have a new job!!!!
Also, I looked for Tab at Walmart and (gasp) they don't have it! Do you find it easily where you live?

Anali said...

What a nice blog you have here! I found you via Lotus Reads. It's always nice to see when bloggers get to meet in person. Sounds like you both had a great time! : )

dogfaeriex5 said...

isnt great when you can meet up with a blogging friend! i know how you feel about getting back into the swing of things, man is it hard! my mini artfest weekend was so great, learned lots of neat things and great tips..
i love that card, it is so you!
ps..i need a tootfest fix..