Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Quilt Basket in Downers Grove, Illinois

Yesterday my Mom and I celebrated Mother's Day. We had the day planned out. We were going to Jane's house to stamp. But then Mom mentioned she wanted to make a quick stop at the The Quilt Basket so I called Jane and we decided to all go together. You know where this is leading right? We never stamped!! Toot Toot! We went to the quilt shop and then on to Jackson Square Antique mall!!! Out of control! Well, I have to show you this quilt shop. It is absolutely glorious and the owners are the best!! This is the best kind of shop, the kind where the owners are smart, friendly, vivacious, and have a sense of humor! In other words, the kind you want to return to again and again. You know I don't know how to quilt or sew, but we can use lovely fabrics in our card projects and other altered arts, so it is a great shop to check out.
These pillows made from vintage handkerchiefs were just so neato! We are going to try to make these in the future! We bought some vintage hankies at the antique store along with some cool buttons.
Isn't this just perfection??? It is still at the store if anyone wants to order it! Unless I rush over thre tomorrow and buy it!
Here I am with the lovely owners, Denise, Amy, and Connie!!! Note the book, Hooked on Hankies, in the front. I got that for my mom. It looks chockfull of great ideas! Vintage hankie quilt anyone?
Yum, yum!
Here are my Mom and Denise looking at the exquisite quilt Denise made using vintage white hankies.
Close-up of Denise's quilt.
My Mom bought a Quilt Basket t-shirt and so she fit right in with Amy, Denise, and Connie!
I always used to stay away from the color red, but lately I am loving it!!!
Reproduction vintage buttons!!!!
This is an outside shot of the Quilt Basket so that it looks familiar when you want to find it!
Amy Butler home fabrics!!! Gorgeous!
This is purse made out of the Amy Butler home fabrics. We ordered the pattern. Jane and I bought the material and we are going to make my Mom make us these!!!
Here are some samples of Russian Punch Needle embroidery. Looks fun!
Sample of a quilt made with pre-cut fabric squares. Gorgeous.
Cool skirt!
Beautiful blue fabric with birdies!

Sorry this is blurry, but is this apron not the cutest!!! It does not make me want to use it for cooking or baking though! I would just wear it as a crafting accessory!

We had a wonderful day tooting around. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and loving Mom! Thanks for everything you do for me Mom! I love you.


Diane Duda said...

Sounds like a perfect Mother's day. I don't sew much either, but have an attic full of fabric. It's so hard to resist. Pretty papers are beginning to pile up here now too. I'm more likely to use those, though.

I so wish you were Queen. Especially since we had Taco Bell twice while in VA!

Beth said...

Ohhhh....I see you now, going to town on that little sewing machine of yours whipping up something fantastic.
What a great day !!!!!

Karen said...

What a cool day!! Awesome! I need to find this place. I almost went to Jackson Square yesterday. I wish I would have gone over there now for sure!

Trixie said...

What a great day filled with fun, fancy and Nancy! You had a delightful mother's day and made your mom one happy and blessed woman that she should have such a wonderful daughter as you! I'de take a purse and a pillow stat!

Karen said...

P.S. I LOVE the quilt!!! What a beautiful piece. And very creative. I am going to venture out and find this place. AND go to Jackson Square Mall.....

Lotus Reads said...

Ooooh, you lucky,lucky girl, everything there looks so amazing, but best of all is seeing the smiles on everyone's faces...what a perfect Mothers' Day!

Maggie Ann said...

I loved your post...thanks for taking us along...sort of...=). What a wonderful shop...and the vintage hankie pillows are just the greatest! Maybe I'll try sewing one up too. I have a beauty my Aunt crocheted an edging on. I'm ending my day with a smiles thanks to you!

lindaharre said...

Laura.........Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!! Love the hankie quilt....WOW! Your mom is so young looking:) How pretty she is:) You must learn to sew....tee...hee! It isn't hard and you could make that purse yourself:)

Jill said...

Those hankies pillows are fabulous! I have a ton of old hankies...wish I knew how they did it!