Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Carlisle, Indiana

There are a few towns that are imprinted onto my soul. This is one of the biggest imprints. New Carlisle, Indiana. Geographically, it is located near South Bend, Indiana. New Carlisle is the town where my Grandma and Grandpa Bates are from. When we were kids we would make the trip to this town often as my Grandma's parents still lived there.
We would get in the car (a green Galaxie 500) and certain rituals would be adhered to. We would listen to Johnny Cash on the 8-track and Juicy Fruit would be chewed. Whoever could spot the town's water tower first got bragging rights.
On most visits to New Carlisle the adults would give us some coins so that we could walk uptown to buy candy.
Yesterday my Mom and I drove out to New Carlisle to see a house that she has been wanting to buy. She dreams of living in New Carlisle, and I can't say I blame her. It would be delightful to live in a small old town. The house was decorated for Fall and it was gorgeous. The town's historical society bought the house when it was in bad condition and they have totally redone it. It is so delightful. Frankly, I would love to move into it myself.
Did you see the little Halloween trick or treaters above? That was a paper napkin cut out. Of course, we had to purchase a package of them so we can recreate this.
This is the back porch. Can you imagine just sitting here reading a book? The library is within walking distance!
Here is a picture of the second story window.
Back to the porch.
Window decorations really make a place don't they?
The living room.
The house is called the Cassidy House; I assume that is the first family that lived there.
We had a picture perfect day; weather was great and we had lots of fun together. We were able to drive on my favorite road of all time, State Road 2 in Indiana. This road goes through some wonderful farm country. We had lunch at one of the local restaurants (we had great hamburgers). We talked to people about our family that had lived there. It was great to mention the names Bates and Carlson and people knew our family. New Carlisle will always hold a special place in my heart and my memories.


Patti said...

Hi~ That house looks absolutely adorable and the porch- love it!!! I would love a house like that especially with all the fall decorations...too cute. I love the area near South Bend...Napannee, Goshen, Shipshewane, Elkhart- that is beautiful country and so scenic. Hope you have a wonderful week~ Patti

dogfaeriex5 said...

a perfect way to spend the day, i must say!! straight out of fanny flaggs book...xox

Diane Duda said...

it sounds like a wonderful place. and who wouldn't love to live in such cozy little cottage. :)


Beth said...

how fabulous...all of it, the trip,the house,the memories....

and having lived in indiana for 8 years myself....oh, that state has a piece of my heart !!!

Jeanie said...

What a fabulous day to enjoy with your mom -- the house is fabulous -- I could move in within a heartbeat. You'll have to keep us posted (on this house, or others if that one doesn't work!)

Relyn said...

So, will your mom be able to move? Wouldn't that be great for you to have a reason to visit so often? This town reminds me of the one on the movie "One True Thing." Remember?

Trixie said...

what a wonderful post, what a delightful home, what a perfect dream to have and hold on move back "home". I hope she gets it all!