Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Heart Bloggers!

Isn't this the greatest altered cabinet card????? I am in love with it!! It was made by the wonderful Deb Lewis! She has such great talent. You may visit her blog. The link on the side is Vintage Moon Studio.

Also, I had the most delightful conversation today with Miss Kim!!!! What a delight she is! So much fun and so easy to talk to!

Combine that with my new friendship with Miss Beth
who I can talk to about anything in the world,

and you can imagine that blogland is a really good place to meet some really cool and wonderful people! Consider me happy!


zUzU said...

Right back at-cha Laura! =^..^=

We out here in blogland think you are pretty darn special too! It is appreciated more than you know when you visit & when you take time to leave a smile at our doorstep.

Just so you know.

=^..^= xo zU

Beth said...

Awwww shucks.....somehow we do have an unbelieveable ability to chat up a storm about anything. The whole blog world IS quite amazing and I'm thrilled that our paths crossed and we are where we are today. You are my morning salvation when I need to rant, and for that, I am so blessed. Plus, you are the "queen of books" for whom I can now turn to in need...once again, I am very thankful to have someone watching out for me and making sure these hands of mine avoid all unnecessary pages that might have otherwise taken my "creative" time away from me. (wondering now if this makes sense to anyone else who might read this....I know you understand, but to some people they're gonna add "freak" next to my name. Oh well....HUGS !!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

thank-you for the nice words, us fifth graders are pretty cool, arent we!

zUzU said...

Thank you Laura ...
for understanding what I wrote. For 'getting' it. And saying so.

You are right too ... My heart does feel asthough it has been put into a vice. But that only means that one little angel did her job. She touched my life & changed it for the better.

Squeeze Buddy & Pal for me.
=^..^= zU

Trixie said...

I Heart my special blogger and that would be you girlfriend! So nice to see more frequent posts (oh the pressure!) See you soon!

pinar said...

yes.. yes.. and yes..
this must be the real world.. creative.. so sharing.. and so understanding..
thank you to you too..

Jane said...

I heart you too! and all the great gals I have met through Laura and her blog and I am just so lucky to have you guys in my life!!! BLOGS ROCK!

p.s. blog reading is soooooo addicting! Keep up with the new posts - love em!

Deb said...

I am so blessed to have someone as sweet and special as you in my life!

Kimberly Kwan said...

ain't it great!
such a world-shrinker...putting us intouch with like-minded people we probably would have never even bumped into 10 years ago!

LOVE the c-card, BTW...too cool!

lindaharre said...

Dear Laura, Thanks for all the uplifting comments on my blog. You are so sweet to take the time to write something. I appreciate each and every one of them. Always enjoy your blog as well! Thanks for sharing. Linda:-D)