Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Night! Random Thoughts!

It is Friday night! Mike and I are going out to dinner, and maybe to a movie (or Borders). The movies I most want to see are only playing on the north side of Chicago, of course!. Those would be the movies, "Babel" and "Little Children." "Babel" looks very interesting, and I just finished reading the novel Little Children and it was very, very good.

"Borat" is getting very good reviews, but I am sure that will be a mob scene on the first day of release. I am also interested in seeing "The Queen," but don't know if Mike wants to see that. I told him that he could pick the movie.

The illustration above is French. 1920's I think. From a French magazine called Gazette Du Bon Ton. Go look at some of them on Ebay! Very amazing!!! I love that Art Deco style! I have been wanting to get one for some time, but they are very expensive!!!
Buttons!!!!!! Why don't button makers put today's buttons on cute cards like this!!!??? These button cards make me so happy!!! I don't think I will ever use them on anything because they are so cool, but when I see stuff like this in an antique shop I go nutty!
Well, this is a disjointed entry, but I wanted to get something up here before the blog police write me a citation.

Ooohhh, I do have something important to say. See that picture over on the right at the top of my blog roll, for the 12 Days of Christmas? I got invited to be in this project!!! Wow, the caliber of people who are involved in it is very high, so I was very honored to be included!!!! What a fun idea! So go check it out and maybe start your own 12 Days of Christmas!!!


Trixie said...

This is the blog police! You have now met your daily quota of inspirational photos and witty may carry on with the joys of life! Or at least thanks for the bright spot in MY day!

Heather said...

Lucky, you got to to be in that swap, I was invited and then uninvited before I even got to reply because the flake unflaked. Drat! I'd love to do something like this but I am afraid its too late for this year.

Love the buttons!

PS I am think I am going to have to make up some blogging citations!! funny

Beth said...

You're safe. Only a warning this citation !!!! Although, if you were an illegally parked car, you would have been towed by now, hee hee !!!!!
Buttons.....what exactly is it abot them that makes us go ga-ga ?? Maybe it is a sickness, but that's a sickness I'm willing to have for a very long time !!!!

pinar said...

yes .. buttons must be a symbol or something.. I have jars full and still look for new ones to collect.. we have to analyze this..
thank you for your comment .. it means to me.. love.. have a nice week..
don't let the blog police warn you again.. we miss yourposts you know..

One Crabapple said...

The Twelve Days looks very good !
Like you are going to be getting some GOODIES !

Oh Babel does look good and of course you know I would love to go see The Queen with you and have a girls night.

Didn't recognize the other two...

So what did you end up doing / seeing?

Gosh , I hope no one does really start giving blog citations...sometimes it is just hard to find time to blog !
And when you get time you sometimes wonder WHAT to Blog about !

I do miss coming here and finding regular blogs tho..but I know, we all have a life !


LOVE your button cards !(this is a great idea to make for trades for artfest and I have been wracking my brain THANK YOU for THIS inspiration !)

And I have seen those french illustrations too and wanted them. Shocked to see the price , I , like you, have only wished....

This one you have posted is really a particularly nice one.

Just finished a book! it felt soooo good to read and get lost in a book. It has been awhile and I Hope this is the beginning of a roll . Used to be I couldn't BE without a book...
It was The Thirteenth Tale.

I missed my gram as I was getting to the last pages knowing I cannot turn around as usual and pass on my book -- and then Weird ! the last line of the book read "...I would never see her on this side of the grave again. Now my life was my own." Wow, that struck me. It was kool, but weird....

Love, S.

ps that did NOT give anything away aobut the book incase you wondered.

Jackie said...

Oh, I so love all of those button cards! You're right - why don't they do that anymore! I love all of your beautiful vintage pictures!