Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Trish!!!!!!

Laura, Bert, Trish circa 1989!

November 11th! Today is Trish's birthday!!! Happy Birthday to my friend Trish!


This is what I wish for everyone:

A Friend who:

Stands by you through thick and thin
who always makes you feel valued and invaluable
someone who you can hang out with and just do nothing OR
someone you can hang out with and do the stuff that makes your soul sing,
someone who is really nice to everyone,
who is giving and kind,
who takes care of you when you need help, and
who you can count on no matter what,
who knows all your secrets and loves you still,
someone you could hang out with for days on end......

I wish you all a friend like this......Me? I am lucky, I have a friend like this. Her name is Trish!


Trixie said...

That is just the sweetest things anyone has ever said!...and in a public forum no less! And you my lady just get better with time. In some ways you have always been like Winnie the Pooh. Dependable and faithful, yet always willing to go to the edge of the 100 acre wood to see what treasures you could bring back and share. You inspire and delight. You gather together everyone on common ground to share and celebrate the trinket that has caught your eye. You are knowledgeble and facinated with the world and readily share all that you know. I am in awe of you and yet I also know all your tender spots. "If you live to be 100, may I live to be 101 so that I may never live a day without you" Winnie the Pooh.

Beth said...

Stop it you two......these are just the best (the post and then the comment) and you're making me all teary eyed !!!!! I can't wait to see you both next weekend...only 6 more sleeps and you'll be here....I am so lucky !!!!

pinar said...

I have friends like that.. and feel always gifted..
I wish Trish a very hppy life.. and to you too.
God bless your friendship..