Thursday, November 16, 2006

M is for Manners

Here is the page I did for Lynette's alphabetica journal. For the background I used a piece of vintage wallpaper from a pack I purchased from Pam Garrison. The picture of the very proper lady is one I found in an antique shop and I colored her with a lovely shade of pink Prismacolor pencil. I went to the used book store specifically looking for an old etiquette book and found this one from the 1960's. It is Hilarious!! The page featured above is about luncheons and it actually says to greet your guests at the door and have "the servant" take their coats or something like that. Servant??????? How many people had those? I suspect not a lot, cause no one in my family had one! My how far we have come from those days.......when reading through the manners I would say that some are certainly outdated, but many of them should be practiced again!!!

I am off for a weekend of extreme fun in Madison, Wisconsin. My friends, Trish and Jane, and I are going to our friend Beth's house to spend the weekend creating! We have an agenda of things we want to do too! We are going to practice altering cabinet cards, make Christmas journals, show off a technique Jane and I learned with alcohol inks, and just generally have a grand old time. Oh, and there is a stamp expo in town too!! New stamps!!! (just what I a true stampaholic does not need, but it can't be helped!).

Let me know if you understand what I am talking about in the next statement......... I want to make four separate Christmas journals using the patterned scrapbook paper lines by Basic Grey (Blitzen and Fruitcake), Cosmo Cricket (Wonderland), and Daisy D's vintage Christmas line, Mistletoe Memories. I am obsessed with all of these papers!!!!! and I bought all of these papers! Now, who knows what I am talking about?

Have a great weekend!!


dogfaeriex5 said...

i am so so so jealous, you DW~~
i need to fly over and play.....
hi jane! DW#2

have a wonderful fun weekend!!

Trixie said...

Wahoo! Having more fun than humans were meant to have! When you are at the expo reaching for those "must have" (HA!)products, just remember, WWTD?

Beth said...

Like I tombstone will read..."she died happy because she had all the scrapbook paper she had ever wished for".....see you very soon !!!!!!

MarilynH said...

so beautiful! I totally agree about the manners--some should be in practice again.

Ohhhhh--those Basic Grey papers--i was just looking at them at 2peas!! I likey!

carlenelf said...

fun page Laura!

One Crabapple said...

WEll I am going to go check out those papers but I know I will love them too because every time you recommend something here I go out and either want it or buy it !

I love your journal idea. I am obviously having journaling on the brain since stumbling on to copying collage pages then journaling over them ! I wish I could come to the party too...but ... you had to go and move half a country away never once keeping in mind that you would meet me one day and I would want to spend time with you very very much...snifff.

But i do look forward to HEARING about the fun !

And seeing the GOODS !

That is alot of girl time in one weekend Kids ! HAVe fun, I dont know where you find energy !

Love, S.

One Crabapple said...

yehhh wow

love the Blitzen and Fruitcake!

pinar said...

I love the lady's posture.. so remarkable..
this is a pefect choice for manners..
and enjoy your day.. have a wonderful weeeek..

swampangel said...

I bet this lady wouldn't think twice about taking a switch to you if you were in her manners class. Love the wall paper.

Oh and I had to have some of that paper. I could only have one and went with fruitcake. Yummy.


Babsarella said...

Wonderful page!!! I love the idea of using an old etiquette book and what a wonderful photo!!! Don't you just love PG's wallpaper packs??!! So yummy indeed. I have a hard time using them because they are so lovely!