Monday, November 20, 2006

Life is just a Bowl of Fairies, Part Two

This is Jane's wonderful Wish fairy!!!!!! She is so gorgeous!!!
Beth had masks for us to alter. See below for a before shot. This is the way cool Winter Queen mask that Beth altered prior to our arrival. It was so gorgeous. This is a before shot of Trish's work area. She and Beth are the tidiest workers. Jane and I are kind of sloppy and I tend to take more than my share of space, just ask Trish! Also note the wine bottle! Makes for happy crafters!
We altered cabinet cards! Finally! We have been wanting to try this forever. I don't know why we did not do it before because it was lots of fun! This is Trish's first card and it is gorgeous!!!! She did a great job with the border and her hanging apperatus, love the vintage button on the top! The phrase Trish used on this piece (Oh how happy are they) is from an old Methodist hymnal that Trish had.
These are two of Jane's first altered cabinet cards ever!!! Very impressive and totally cool!
Here are Beth and I at the beginning before everything was strewn all over the tables and floor! Please note how wonderfully she had everything set up for us all!!! It was like going to a great art retreat but it was at someone's house, which was even better cause you could totally relax!
This is one of the fairy wands that Beth made! Pure genius!
Another great cabinet card from Miss Jane!

Our wonderful hosts!!!!!!!! John, Jack, Sophie, and Beth! Thank you so much for having us over! You guys are the perfect hosts!!!


Trixie said...

delightful recap...and the photos are to die for!

Heather said...

what a blast you gals must have had. I am soooo jealous!!!

Beth said...

As I get ready to head down to the studio to work on something else....I am so missing you guys. The studio is much more fun with all of you in it !!!!

Babsarella said...

More wondeful creations!!! Love the cabinet cards!!! I had so much fun creating my first one. I am ready to make more too!!! Wish I could have been there to join in the fun!!!

Holly Stinnett said...

What fun!!! I've had one of those crowns for about six months and haven't touched it. I love how your finished one. Adorable!

Patti Gramza said...

Laura, What a wonderful and artfilled gathering with friends!! That looked Awesome......Beth was a wonderful hostess from the looks of, and your fairy bowl,.....what a great idea! I am a FAIRY lover for sure and this is tres sweet!!!All the artwork is super and fun too! Go Girls! :0) Hugs,Patti