Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Night! Random Thoughts!

Pictured on today's entry are four of the postcards I bought last Saturday at another postcard show! I think the fashions and the photos of the early 20th century are just stunning! Picture number one tells you what movie Mike and I ended up going to on Friday night.....The Queen. It is the story about Queen Elizabeth and what happened with the royal family in the days following the tragic death of Princess Diana. It was really very good. Mike knows that I love Princess Diana and am still devastated by her death. It was really sweet of him to hold my hand during the parts of the movie that dealt with that because it still takes my breath away. He liked the movie too so it was a fun night out.
There has been no posting of my art projects because the one project I have been working on is a secret one for the 12 Days of Christmas. It has taken a lot of my time, but it is worth it cause I am in love with it!! Hope all the recipients like it too.

Anyway, I planned to come home from work today and work on something, but I just don't have the energy after work to really get into anything. I put clean sheets on the bed and watched some Oprah shows on Tivo. After this blog entry I will get under those clean sheets to read the million magazines I have upstairs, along with three new books purchased on Saturday night when we stopped by Borders. I am currently reading, I Remember Running by Darcy Wakefield.

This is a memoir written about the author's experience of contracting the fatal neurologic disease ALS at age 33. Of course, it is completely heartbreaking and awful, but the underlying theme about rising above hardship and adversity comes shining through. Lots of life lessons are contained in this book.
This Saturday I am going with friends to a class at a local stamp store, Stampology Chicago, and we are taking a class using Tim Holtz' distress inks, alcohol inks, and daubers. That should be a real gas. It is also my friend Trish's birthday that day so we are going to make a whole day celebration out of it.
Lastly, I made a little list in my purse journal about all the upcoming art retreats in 2007 that sound good to me. Some of them, like Artfest, are already closed for enrollment, but I just find it fun to carry around this list! If not this year, then next year I hope to get to one of these shindigs.

Artfest: March 28 to April 1 Port Townsend, Washington (which is only 40 minutes from my Dad's house!!!)

Artfiberfest: October 17 to 21

Art and Soul: Hampton, Virginia May 3 through 7

ARt Unraveled: August 2007

The only problem is that I get so overwhelmed (in a good way) in classes that I can hardly work on the project. Every time I take a class I say to myself this is the last class! But then I realized you don't have to do perfect work in the class, just learn the techniques, meet new people, and enjoy the process!!!


Trixie said...

What delightful photos and thoughts for a Monday night! I can not wait to take a sneak peak at your 12 days project on Saturday! I also can not wait to spend time in person with my very own "every time we are together it is an artfest" gal!

pinar said...

beautiful photos.. wish I could join you all at the artfest..
but you are too farway girls..too far away..
and so close to me..
enjoy..the circle of friendship..and new techniques..

Beth said...

What great postcards....they are gorgeous !!!!!
I am so jealous that Saturday is your art day and on top of it, Trixie's birthday....oh I wish I was going to be there....but, selfishly, I know I get my art time with you guys in 11 days...I can't wait !!!!!

One Crabapple said...

So you saw The Queen !
Mike is a Good Egg then !

Love these wonderful cards you are sharing.

Looking forward to seeing your wonderful 12 Days Project.

And THANKS for the listing of the Art Shows / Workshops / Camps. I did not know that Art Fiber was already decided on and in OCTOBER !

Off and running to check it out...thaaaankkk yyyyouuuuu.....

Tatterededge said...

I think people get caught up in PERFECT art during a class. It's not about perfection!! It's about learning enough about what you are doing to be able to go home and recreate it with your own twist. It's a jumping off point. I always encourage my students to think of their class work as a prototype. BY doing that, you give yourself permission to just enjoy the process.

Dawn said...

You should try Artiscape in May in fun fun! And such a beautiful hotel!