Monday, November 20, 2006

Life is just a Bowl of Fairies, Part One

AMMENDED ENTRY ON 11/20/06: Just wanted to say thanks to Jane for the title of this blog entry, thanks to Trish who took all of the pictures, and thanks to Beth for putting all of our fairies in this bowl on her dining room table for the photo opportunity! I was just standing around drinking Tab during this time!

This past weekend Jane, Trish, and I went up to Beth's house in Wisconsin. We spent the entire weekend engrossed in either shopping, talking, eating, sleeping, and best of all....crafting! We had talked over the previous months about some projects we wanted to try. First on the list was "making fairies!" Above are the finished projects! Aren't they just dear!!! Close-ups to follow in the entry below and future entries, but this picture is just a great representation of our weekend!

Here we are arriving on Friday night to the beautiful studio set-up that Beth had ready for us! Wine and Tab for all!!! Friday night was spent showing and telling with various art works, vintage postcards, and ephemera.

Saturday morning we woke up (too early for some!) had breakfast and went to Madison for a stamp/scrap expo. There were only a few good vendors there, which was good for the cash flow. We all managed to find some great stamps and accesories and finished the first part of our day with lunch at Noodles and Company. Delicious. Oh, we squeezed in a trip to the local scrapbook store too!

That after afternoon and evening was spent in various stages of creating at Beth's house. In adition to the fairies, we all wanted to try our hand at altering cabinet cards and you will see some of those below. Total blast! Beth also showed a technique for backgrounds with tissue paper which was very cool. I was working on one of my proposed five Christmas memory books which was very time consuming, but very fun! Please see Beth's blog (Seaside Dreamer) for the one she did with Fruitcake paper by Basic Grey. Her book is perfectly stunning! Anyway, sneak peaks of that to come in the future as I did not get very far on Saturday night, although I did manage to stay up until midnight (miracle!).

Sunday morning we lounged for a bit and then had to run errands to Kinko's, Starbuck's, and Archivers. And then lo and behold, a trip to the local antique mall ensued! This mall is so top notch and the prices are so first I was all...oh we don't need to go there...and then when I set foot inside I was on a true antique high and did not want to leave! Total treasures were found and I am determined to figure out my digital camera so I can show you!!! We arrived back in Illinois in the early evening hours having had a wonderful weekend of friendship and creating!


Trixie said...

Wonderful, wonderful stuff...stunning photos! Now get to the directions portion of your is point, shoot, download.

carlenelf said...

How fun Laura! You girls must've had a total blast, and I LOVE your post title! What's funner than a bowl of fairies?

MarilynH said...

OMGosh!! They still sell Tab? I loved that--i haven't seen it for so long....
Laura, your bowl of Fairies is to die for! I just love it! May have to make one for ME. LOL

Beth said...

miss you guys already !!!!

Babsarella said...

What an AWESOMELY FUN weekend!!! Can't wait to see a pic of all your finds at the antique market! LOVE LOVE LOVE the fairies!!!

One Crabapple said...

Wow ! I didn't think you would ever be able to do all you had planned in one weekend and you did that and more aaaand turned out some great artwork !

You packed in every minute and what a pay off !

I loved the cab cards and want to try THAT - The Fairy wands ! I AM going to try THAT ! - The Winter Queen mask / crown was to die for.....Oh and while I was looking at the cab card that Trish (?) did , I glanced down and saw WINE and thought ! oh that is a great type of tag to hang on a wine bottle ! eh ? EH? so thanks for THAT idea !

Sounds like going to Beth's is a really great time. (snifffff) and I wish I could have been there.

Great posts - the part one and part two thing. And Love how you planned it out so we did indeed see part one before part two with the whole Blogger Format being the way it is.

Now you said something about buying VOGUE and doing a page ! I thought - AFTER - I get done with the FFA .... laughing because the deadline approaches and I am STILL trying to get out my ornament swap stuff---- But AFTER , we should cook up something where you have to use a page of the current vogue - we dont have to swap maybe just post or send eachother a copy ? I dont know, lets think.

Okay off to YES make Cranberry Sauce ! Love , S.
Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you have a good rest and get to play and EAT ALOT !
ps. I saw the TAB and chuckled ! I know Kim will comment on that !

One Crabapple said...

oh jeepers I wrote a novel again...sheepish. I never think I am writing THAT looks tinier in the box.

Oh well ! off to check out Beth's stuff on her blog as you said.