Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Morning

Isn't this sweet??? It is from a Christams card I received a few years ago. I save almost all of my Christmas cards from year to year. Throughout the Christmas season I will be posting my faves and also my favorite vintage Christmas postcards that I have collected over the years. Please feel free to use any images you like in your art work.

I found another really great blog that I am adding to my links on the side. The name of it is Small Treasures. I don't know very much about the very talented woman who runs it except that she lives in Germany. Talk about beautiful work!! What a treat for the senses!

I found another line of Christmas paper I could not resist. Dasher by Basic Grey. I am making (translate "starting") another Christmas project with this paper. It is so cool because it is mostly blue...which is my favorite color! Oh great, I just went to the site to put in the link to Dasher and I see that the store where I got it did not have all the papers. Now I see even more cool papers in this line!!! I don't think my love of patterned papers will ever end!

And lastly, for one more ooh and ahh moment.....I purchased a piece of art from Linda Harre's Etsy shop!! Can't wait for it to arrive, but in the meantime, here is a sneak preview! Isn't it just wonderful! She has more items in her shop that are equally as cool! (in case you want your very own artwork by Linda! and who wouldn't??? Her work is stupendous!)

Happy Sunday everyone!


dogfaeriex5 said...

luuuckeeee dw~~~
cute christmas box!
i have done my blog under your whip and chain!! i left out the books i bought on saturday and i ordered and picked up also that ledger book you got heather-i so adore it!! good find!! i need to find so old ledgers to distress...

Maggie Ann said...

I love the coloring on the child's face and hair..beautiful! Your Christmas box is a fun! I too love patterned papers...and will be enjoying your link. And thanks for the permission to use some of your Christmas images that you will be posting. An early gift for us...grin.

♥ joleen ♥ said...

that's a beautiful card! i save my cards from year to year as well! :)

pinar said...

beautiful card.. but my fav photo of the last week is the one with a plate filled with greenery and sticks and balls.. OOh went back to look at it.. it still is as pleasant as I remember..=))

Babsarella said...

Thanks for the link!!! What a terrific blog. I am going to add it to mine so I can check back frequently.

MarilynH said...

You are so generous with the sharing of your Christmas images. :)
Gosh!! I just love Linda harre's work!!!
and don't mention patterned paper. Mmmmmmmmmm. Why do I feel I need to own it all? And you know they will never stop churning out yummy patterns! LOL

MarilynH said...

oh, and thanks for that link--I bookmarked it---good stuff!

One Crabapple said...

That IS a sweet card. Doesn't it remind you of Holly Hobbie ? Her style ? It is sweet and a keeper for sure.

As for Linda !

You got a great piece. I want that !

Yes the Basic Grey Dasher is prettttty niiiiice!
I can't wait to see all of these little Christmas projects...and why haven't you been posting stuff you are making - like on the trip to Beth's ?
What ? Being stingy ? Show it Girl !

Going to check out Small Treasures...that link of the new place in Germany to visit....You always have such good links !


lindaharre said...

Laura.....I just saw this and want to thank you for the are so sweet! It should be there tomorrow since it was sent Priority. Let me know if you don't get it right away:) Thanks again for your purchase.....always appreciated:) Hugs, Linda

lindaharre said...

Oh the by....I purchased the ledger that you wrote us about and got one for my sis for her birthday. We both were stunned by the magnificent job they did in recreating an old ledger! I love it and will be happy to carry it through the next year. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!

jenny vorwaller said...

that is a really sweet picture, love the vintage looking santas...* :) happy holidays!