Friday, June 23, 2006

Dry Eye Friday Contest!!!!! (Friday Blog Part Two)

Here is an ATC I made in January. I used those cool Photo Twin markers to color in parts of it.
The above and the following two pictures are ones that Jane got cheap at an antique shop! I think they are all unique and totally cool. At first I thought the one above had the woman and three little girls in the picture, but then I noticed that the child on the right is a boy. Anyway, I made up a story in my head that the woman is their beloved nanny and when the kids grew up, they each had noble type jobs (nurse, vet, and teacher) and they worked hard and make sure their nanny had a good life in her golden years. (No, I am not smoking anything over here!)....Anyway, if you have read this far I just thought of a contest! Between now and next Friday, all people who leave a comment telling a story about this picture will be eligible to win some wonderfully photocopied vintage images selected by me! Isn't this fun! I will enter all the names of the paricipants in a hat and Mike will pick the winner! Like a mini-essay contest! It does not have to be a long story, just a few sentences! I hope a lot of people (all 6 who read this blog!) participate! Go ahead, make my day!!!
The back of this picture says it was taken at Coney Island!
Isn't she just the cutest!!!


lindaharre said...

I absolutely love vintage cabinet cards.....these are all wonderful! good find! thank you so much for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate it! glad you like my shadow box:) Linda

One Crabapple said...

Hey ! I wanna play !

I was wondering which photo I am story- izing with though ???

The little girl with the Coney Isle on the back ? top or bottom picture ?

These are really wonderful photos ! you have some great ones !

and I learned something else from you today - the Twin Photo pens ! these sound intriguing.

I guess I don't get out enough ! Flocked Letters and PHoto pens !

Beth said...

Laura....these photos are great. They are SO different than the usual lot. I love that you are making up stories to go with the photos....hmmmm, I think she was the "wet" nurse to these children and even after they were too old to nurse, their momma kept her because she was so kind to them. This only makes sense if you know what a wet nurse is....let me know if you need more info. on that.

dogfaeriex5 said...

how fun!! i do the same thing when i find vintage photos out & about..okay here is my story......minny pippins was so sad as she knew she would have to leave her beloved children behind for sometime.. her mother was garvely ill and she had to go back to romania to tend to her..she had no idea when she would be able to return. she had the ardeous task of looking for a new nanny until her would be hard as minny had high standards for these three far, only a woman by the name of mary poppins had applied for the job, she would be coming round this afternoon for the interview..maybe she will be the one?~*~*~*~*~*~*~


One Crabapple said...

I like Kim's


well here is mine :

This woman was MEAN !

Tough Old Bird

Smoked a pipe and ran around in her Bloomers

She allowed NO GUFF

And as a result

...all three children ran off to join the Circus.

Now can I tell my one about the girl on the rock ???

Laura said...

yes, please tell one about the girl on the rock!!!

these stories are so interesting and funny!!!! hope we get lots more!

dogfaeriex5 said...

coney island girl~
miriam's mother told her to stay put and not move from this spot while her mother went to buy lunch , well all miriam was hearing was salt water taffy, salt water taffy, so she moved from this spot and went next door to the taffy vendor, she wasnt paying attention and fell into a tray of newly rolled sticky taffy..she wont have any problem staying in that spot now..will she?!?

Deb said...

So glad you found my blog because it led me to yours!! This blog rocks... I love your sense of humor. Your photos finds are fantastic - the one with the three kids looks so typical for "birth order" (at least in my family!).. the oldest "little prince" smiling away, the middle "serious" child and the youngest one that looks like a little devil (that was me - lol!)
The woman? Well... I think she is the mean, wicked stepmother !!!
I'm adding you to my links list on my blog and will check back in with you often :0) Deb

Trixie said...

The little girl in the last photo is Pandora. She is holding her box. You can tell all the wickedly fun stuff that is in the box by the devilish little smile prancing on her lips. The little girl on the rock is waiting for Pandora to show up so they can bust out the three kids stuck with the wicked nanny. They will all hit the road and sell their stories to the tabloids and make lots of money!

arttealife/onecrabapple said...

Sticky Taffy INDEED !

Well here is mine !

(p.s. TRIXIE I know who you ARE !)


It was one of those hot summer days when clouds close in and the sky turns grey.

We were on a stroll down the pier after lunching with Auntie Eloise at The Club over on Main.

I looked toward the stairs that led to the beach below and Mother told me to remove my shoes and go enjoy the feeling of my feet in the sand.

I am not used to such things and it was all quite a delight once I got past the queerness of it all.

I would like to go back again soon.