Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Just finished watching a wonderfully passionate and moving movie titled, "Yes." It stars Joan Allen. She falls in love with a Middle Eastern is quite a literate movie, big thoughts and also a lot of passion and living of life on the edge.......though that cannot be done in day to day life it is a lot of fun to watch it on the listening to some "soul music" A Midsummer Night Dream by Mendelssohn.....if you don't have it and want to hear it, let me know I can send you a copy. It is so dreamy and passionate. all of its forms, visual and auditory, is the basis of deep feelings....long-buried feelings come to the fore when one is enthralled with art.


Anonymous said...

Laura...I would love a copy. I need something different and refreshing to listen to.

Angela said...

I loved this movie. And would love to listen to your music. My email is:

Have a super weekend!