Monday, June 19, 2006

Ephemera Central

These are the five Stein sisters, Emma, Anna, Minnie, Hannah, and Katie.
Playbill from the 1930's with lots of great ads in it for $1.
I can't believe I got this book for only $3! It is beat up a bit, but that is perfect for my purposes. The illustrations are just divine!

On the back of this picture is written, Helen 1920. Isn't she adorable!!!

Trish, Bertha, and I had a great time at the antique malls this weekend. We went to two huge malls and the last one was open until 9 p.m. on Saturday night! That was so exciting to be able to spend the whole night browsing. We each found some total treasures! We started the day by eating at Cracker Barrel, which can only mean Hash Brown Casserole! If you have never tried it...get some today. You will be addicted. Basically we spent our time together laughing, talking, reminiscing, shopping, and eating!! I never heard of the snack food Combos before, but yikes those are good! Anyway, there is nothing like spending time with your best girls! I post a lot of what I bought, but there is even more! Can you say "kid in the candy shop!"


danielle muller said... your finds!! I too am addicted to antiquing. Each weekend I am on the hunt...{and sometimes during the week too if i am desperate for a fix!} will visit your blog often!

Trixie said...

How did you sneak Helen past me? She is a delightful little girl! I had a gas on Saturday and hope to see all the cool stuff you make with your finds. I also was so on the money with the Hello People card! You never cease to amaze me!

Beth said...

You go girl.....the pictures and stuff are great and've got the bug. Isn't it great ????
I've got an art show and flea market to check out this weekend and I can't wait. I'll let you know how I do. I forgot to thank you for the umbrella picture...ADORABLE....and I will send it back soon (after my copies are done)Thanks again...hugs !!!