Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Healing Hands

I lost my mind about 50 ways today.....really bad day at work....I truly thought I would not make it through the day.......but I did...and it was all because of the help of friends, my husband, reading, music (Beethoven, Wagner, and Brave Combo), and playing in the stamp room. A big thank you to Kathy, Karen, and Melissa at work who provided hugs, laughter, and therapy.......thank you to my wonderful husband for his soft tones, hugs, and allowing me space to just be. I read a little and then got a burst of energy and worked on a very important collage for a friend. It is a surprise for her so I won't go into it right now (will post later after she receives it), but it is the very first time I worked on canvas with Gesso and gel medium.....It came out pretty well. It is quite simplistic, but it is a starting point...and it means a lot to me to have finished it. I have been thinking about it for about a year for heaven's sake! So, the day comes to an end and I am able to make an entry, which is really great considering that I thought I would just sleep through the night!!! Now it is only 8:30 and we can watch TV and read some more! I would work more in the stamping room, but I can't find anything and have no space to work as every surface is covered with paper, stamps, ribbons, etc. Next job is to organize in there! Lastly, what would we do without family, friends, books, and art????? I would be lost!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laura...after you organize your room can you please come organize mine :0)

p.s. sorry that you had a bad day, hoping tomorrow will be a better one for you.