Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Late Night Thoughts

The above postcard is from my collection of vintage cards. I have been collecting them for over ten years and they are such beautiful things. My Mom and I started going to postcard shows a long time ago and we spend the day together going through tons of cards and spending too much money because there are such treasures. This is a card by a woman artist, Cecily Shand (1898-1979). She has a "light delicate Art Deco style" that is just amazing!! What do you think?

Here are some recent thoughts......

* I was totally late to this party, but the CD "American Idiot" by Green Day is pure genius! Especially the song "Holiday!" I bought it to listen to on my drive out to my friend Trish's house and I could barely stop!

*Also prior to the same car trip, on a whim, I picked up a CD by the Buena Vista Social Club. This is another masterpiece!!! If you like Latin music this is a must have. Basically, it is a bunch of famous Cuban musicians playing together. It is simply marvelous!

*Oh, and I got that new CD that features Mark Knoffler and Emmy Lou Harris and it is VERY good too!!!

*I am excited because tomorrow after work I am off to find the new edition of Somerset Studio. I got a glimps of it at Trish's house because she subscribes. There is something about Paris on the cover I think. Also, I want to get the new issue of Oprah magazine because on the cover it says it is the Summer Reading issue. That is so up my alley! As I have said before, I would like nothing better than to spend the summer at a cabin on the lake reading all day long!

Okay, it is 10:06 p.m. and that is past my bedtime on a "school night." Hope all is well with you my internet friends!


arttealife/onecrabapple said...

First of all let me say I am going on that Cabin - Lake - Reading Vacation with you !

You are rolling in good music - all three CD's are EXCELLENT !

Try the new Dixie Chix - my latest fave.

I love this postcard and I had such soft feelings hearing you tell of having this in common with your mom. How wonderful that must be to go to shows together, spend too much money and then share your treasures over time saying things like : Remember when we got this one ???

Happy Summer Solstice BTW - Just remembered today is the DAY !

Did not get to bloggin today! I had to work at work !Imagine ! keeping me from blogging that way ! sheesh!

Love, S.

Jane said...

That postcard is fab!!!! I LOVE it with the colors, circles and all! You did get some jammin music! WOO HOO! Okay now I am on a mission for the new Somerset!! Did you say PARIS!???

Beth said...

Got the new Somerset studio mag at Barnes yesterday and also the Collage Unleashed by Traci Bautisa....not sure about that one yet.....her "how to's" are a little confusing for me. Hope you have a great day off and I'm running out today to get some of the CD's you mentioned. Perfect for the car ride to the flea market this weekend. Anything you're dying to have that I can "look" for, for ya ??????

Trixie said...

I am so loving your p-card..The pose, the colors, all of it! It pays to get home delivery as today I also got the new Inspirations mag. I have not really looked deep into it, but the Artist's Collaborative Quilt looks devine. There are also articles on Creations with Angela Cartwright Papers & Christine Adolph's Romance Stamps..some must have cabin reading material! I raise my hand in praise of Buena Vista Social Club!! Ole' and pass the margarita's!

carlene federer said...

Hi Laura!
I collect antique postcards too...we'll have to get together and compare someday!
I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to check up on the other Alpha Girls blogs lately...
can I just tell you, you have a really great blog! I love that you share pictures and info and links and stuff!
Keep up the good blogging and happytrails!