Friday, June 23, 2006

Special Dry Eye Friday Mini Summer Vacation Extravaganza

I love, love, love this card from my Inky Antics buddy Michelle! I think she did a fabulous job with the colors and the whimsy here! I have it sitting by my computer desk so I can look at it often!

The title of this blog entry refers to the fact that my eye has been bugging me lately. Very itchy and red. I went to the ophthalmologist today and she said that it was very dry and that was the problem. Seems that may be a common problem as you "age." Oh, man you hit 44 and everything is getting loosey goosey! Anyway, she gave me some lubricating eye drops, and now my Mom can say I told you so....because she has been telling me to use drops for moisture for a long time! I will wait for your phone call Mother!

Anyway, this entry is also called mini summer vacation as I am off from work until July 6th!!!! My best friend Noreen (friends since 1977 and counting!) is coming to town next week and we are going to hang out extensively! Also, hope to get the house in order and play in my stamp room! Tonight, we (Mike, my friend Jane, her husband, Mike) are going out to Portillos where I will have the lovely Chicken Pecan Salad, and then Jane and I will be checking out Archivers. Not that we need one more thing in the world, but we came up with a couple of things anyway!!!

Anyway I wanted to show you all these neat things and more (but it seems that blogger only lets you put four pictures on a blog entry??), so I will post some more pictures in a few minutes. I am home early from work and it is all quiet on the Duet front with just the cats, me, and my dry eye here for company. I think I need to put on the Buena Vista Social Club CD and come back for more posting!

Oh my goodness, this is just breathtaking isn't it???? This was a RAK from my friend Debbie from the Inky Antics forum. She made this!!! Took a small composition book, and used scrapbook paper, stamp, rick-rack, index card divider things and came up with this little piece of genius!!!!!! I still have not entered any addresses in its pristine pages, but I will because it deserves to be used and loved! I mean I love it already, but you know what I mean!!!!
As promised, here is another top notch and totally great ATC from Kristi who lives in Birmingham, Alabama! The title of this one is "Amy and Annie." I love this so much!!!!

This is a stamp from Rubber Baby stamp company. They no longer are in business, however the owner, Paula, has a kit club that is just too fabulous. Here is the link: It is a monthly club for which you pay in advance, and when the kit comes it is like Christmas morning!! I am showing the above little number because I learned this idea from Paula.....stamp once in black on white paper, stamp image again on scrapbook paper, cut out, and voila....Paper Dolls!! You can really dress up all your lady images like this!!!!

ETA: You cann get ALL OF PAULA'S STAMPS AT WWW.STAMPFRANCISCO.COM!!!!! Great site with tons of great stamps!!!!!!!


Trixie said...

Wow, what a busy, verbose and fun filled entry we have here! I love the RBBB girls, and I always thought you just came up with the paper doll idea on your are crafty that way you know! In order to lubricate your eye I have some news...Chad got engaged!! Wedding will be June 17 (?) of 2007. He has everything already planned out from the costumes, church, music, flowers and reception hall. Are ya misty yet??

Leticia said...

Dry eyes? Oh, girl, we need to talk! At least you're still on the eye drops. I've graduated to plugs in my tear ducts! I also have some other tips from my eye doc if you want to hear them!

Stamp Francisco said...

Great card but a comment on the fact that Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers is alive and well at Stamp Francisco.

Kindly correct your statement that we are out of business.