Saturday, June 24, 2006

Key Buys People!

At Archivers last night I used a coupon and got the Soufle Pens by Sakura for 30% off. I have been wanting them for a long time because I have been wanting to put colored puffed up polka dots on vintage photos (why, is it that I don't crave cleaning the house and cooking healthy meals, no I crave puffed up polka dot putting!!). I love the look, and expect to see a lot of polka dotting people!
Also, we ran across a box of flocked chipboard alphabet and number sets by Provo Craft. They are calledMon Petit and they are so beautiful!!! I, Laura Duet, heartily endorse them!


One Crabapple said...

Finally !

Your dream of puffed polka dots comes true !!!

And instead of just one color I love that you used two.

It looks great and adds a perfect whimsy to this otherwise slightly serious photo !

The flocked letters have me dreaming now.

They look so great on your Pink Art - I zoomed in on those right away !

Thanks for the tip !

I will surely be looking for them now !

Kim said...

I totally understand these cravings! You're not alone...sistah! AND...that flocked alpha is TO DIE FOR!

MarilynH said...

oh man!! I have had my eyeballs fixed on those souffle pens but havn't bought any yet! funny about your polka-dot cravings! LOL

I haven't seen the Provo Craft chipboard letters yet--need to go hunt some down!

Trixie said...

Why did they have to ruin a perfectly fun pen by calling it "souffle"..what wing nut came up with that culinary way of saying "puffy"...But I am so loving the flocked letters! Saw them on your Helen page and now I know the source. Thanks!

Babsarella said...

PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY!!!! I am so excited because I plan to visit Archivers for the first time while we are on vacation!!!!