Sunday, December 03, 2006

Back to my Roots

Today was a leisurely stamping day. I went back to my roots with simple stamping and coloring. So relaxing! The above card was made by using Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol to blend the red and green on the little boys coat. Have you used Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol? It is so much fun and makes images that are colored look so wonderful. You lay down color with the pencil and then blend it using a paper stump with the tip dipped in the Gamsol. If you are interest in more information about this just leave me a message. I want to spread the word about this stuff! Brilliant! By the way, the image above is from a cabinet card that my friend Trish bought. Send more copies please Trish! He is a blast to color!!
This card I stamped and then colored in with pastel chalks. This is anther very quick and easy way to add color to stamped images.

I decided my stamping style is very simple and straightforward. I was beating myself up about this, thinking I must embellish or make it "fancier" or more complicated, but alas this is me and what I am comfortable with, so I will make every effort to embrace this style. Of course, I will leave myself open to growth and change, so you never know what will happen.
Yes, I was loose with the camera again tonight! Here is a tip for when you want to create, but you are just too darn tired! Take an old book, rip out a page, cut out words and phrases that will either give you an idea for a starting point or words that you might actually use in a piece. Then put them in a cute glas (see elephant and ducky glasses above). It is a perfect activity to do while watching TV.

Also above, see the pencils displayed in the glass rack. Boy, do I think I am cool!!!! I saw this on someone else's website where they separated their Prismacolors by color! I said what a great idea! I also said, I am finally going to buy the 120 pack of Prismacolors and by golly I went right over to Ebay and ordered them. They should arrive tomorrow! What fun it will be to put them in the appropriate glass! (Nerd Alert!!!)
Here is a picture of some of the words I cut out on a very great piece of Basic Grey paper called Twinkle from the Lily Kate line. Just ask my friend, Jane, she knows the name of every Basic Grey paper there is! Idiot savant!!!

Lastly, this was today's workspace. It is a 5" x 5" square of clear area with a table filled with stuff. Wouldn't you love to dive into that pile of ribbons?????

Wish you could come over to art it up with me!!!!!


Diane Duda said...

Oh, I wish my prismacolors were still tall enough to be stored in cute glasses. They are currently in a plastic carrying case, and it's always a struggle to find the one I want. I guess I need some new ones too!
I love all the beautiful images on your blog! I visit often.

Beth said...


Beth said...

Im putting my gloves and coat on right now and I'll be there in 2 hours....I WISH. Looks like you had a great Sunday....your simple style is you and you have that perfected so continue to be YOU !!!
The glasses are too cute and I can't wait to see them filled with 120 more pencils !!! And isn't it amazing how we all have large work areas that somehow shrink to that 5"x5" size and yet we continue to be able to create ???....and you are going to be hard to contain with that camera of are cracking me up !!!!!

Shari said...

OK girlie---I NEED to know more about the gamasol thing. I love the look that you created with the pencils and gamasol. Where do I buy it---TODAY!! Does it work on originals, photocopies, inkjet prints? Hurry up and share with me!!!

One Crabapple said...

aaaaaa! everything is so interesting here

Your new camera is working well I see !

I love the boy / Christmas card w/ the pencil & Gamasol. HE came out so crisp and wonderful. Very professional

definitely on lookout now for wire glass holder like that & vintage glasses to store pens/pencils
mine have been mostly in jars - booorrring!

congrats on new mega pencil set ! how fun!!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i L-O-V-E that little boy holiday is cool and i need pencils and gamasol!! very cool for school miss laura!! your working space is about the same size of mine!

Trixie said...

I recognized my little fella right away..however you have made him quiet dapper my dear! Great stuff, great site! Call for Blue by Somerset Studios by 12/11. I know you can do it!

Babsarella said...

Hey Laura, love the post, your GORGEOUS cards and LOVE using my Prisma's with Sansodor. It is one of my favorite things to do. And, you will LOVE the humungo pack of pencils. When I purchased mine I knew that I would be lusting after some color I didn't have, so I just sprung for the biggest size they had. Luckily I could use my Michael's 40% coupon to take the edge off the price. Now I am wanting the humungo size Caran d'Ache watercolor crayons. Bummer is that they don't sell that size at Michael's, so no discount other than what Dick Blick offers. I tend to keep my most used pencils in a cup on my desk. BTW, you asked about the churches I made, they were made from thin cardboard cut from a pattern, not pre-made (I wish).

Liz said...

Laura - Your FFA page is just great. It will be such fun to see the completed album. Love your little boy and I have yet to get some gamsol and pencils but must do that very soon. Boy when I think of all the vintage glasses I've gotten rid of over the years I could kick myself.

Deb said...

Tell me more about the Gamsol.. the little boy's jacket coloring is perfect!!

Geri said...

Oh Wow... love the work you did with the prismacolors and mineral spirits. I would love more information. Maybe you could put your camera to use and post some easy to follow step by step instructions. I haven't tried working with the mineral spirits, but that is something I have been wanting to do FOR A LONG TIME!!!