Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Vintage Image Books/Stamping Magazines Jackpot

Beautiful Christmas card made by one of the very important people in my life, Miss Trish!
Well, over the past two days I have had a jackp0t of crafty books/vintage image books coming through the doors. Above is a book that Mike gave me for Christmas, and the coolest thing about it is I had never seen it or heard of it before! He found it all on his own and it is totally cool. Chock full of images to be used in artwork!!!
Great book from my Mom! The ultimate collection of Christmas magazine covers from the 20's, 30's, and 40's!! Love the cover!
Another great book from Mom.
And another great book from Mom. She found a store in Michigan that had a ton of Laughing Elephant/Green Tiger stuff!
Then today, when I should have been straightening and organizing, Mike and I instead went out for lunch and then to look for calenders...well, lo and behold I found the new Somerset and new Inspirations!!! Guess what I am doing tonight after I put the laundry away!?????


dogfaeriex5 said...

excuse me, is that mrs partridge on the covering christmas book??? i think so! what a lot of loot you got missy!!! miss you!!

Beth said...

I'm off tomorrow to the bookstore for magazines.....and
the books from your Mom and Mike look WONDERFUL.

an after Christmas hug to you !!!

Trixie said...

Great stuff! Wonderful images and a outstanding play date with the hubby...what else could you ask for in a perfect day?