Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I am Weird! (but so are you!)

I have been tagged by the very weird Heather (no pop drinking???) to list six weird things about me. While I freely admit that there are way more than six, six things I will share with you. Please leave some of your weirdness in the comments!

1. The movie The Wizard of Oz makes me physically sick. I cannot watch it. I don't want to hear about and please don't send me any pictures of it. The whole thing scares me and makes me want to hurl. However, I love the book Wicked and the broadway show, Wicked, and listen to the soundtrack ad nauseum.

2. I hate celery. It ruins anything it touches.

3. I drink Tab in a glass with ice only. Never out of the can. Never without ice. I drink diet root beer only in a vintage glass with no ice. This is the way my drinks must be prepared or else they are no fun to drink.

4. I have a strange fascination with reading memoirs about people who have terrible illnesses or who are dying.

5. I hoard all new craft books. I have about ten I have not even looked through very much yet. They are so beautiful I cannot stand to look at them. Yet, I must own them all.

6. I am a member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). So, please let's all be pious and well-behaved!


dogfaeriex5 said...

i salute you on your weirdness..celery?? not even with dip?? i have a few others but didnt really want to gross anyone out!!

Beth said...

You are cracking me up....at least I already knew about the pop issues you live with and the craft book addiction. I agree about the celery.
As we have talked about it before though, you're as normal as I am.....and Lord only knows what that means or what actual categoy that puts us in !!! {hee hee}

I'm surprised that you didn't mention your "stamp whore" tendencies.....or is that a bad word for your blog ?????

One Crabapple said...

this picture is so kool

is this another pencil & gamasol ?


One Crabapple said...

laughing at all your weird stuff...!

You just know what you like !!!

Stamp Whore by a DAR ???
My Goodness.

If THAT gets out...won't they give you the boot ???

What is with you guys and celery ?
HAve you not tried it with peanut butter ?

And besides , you cannot make a decent soup or stuffing w/o it.

sheeesh, People !!!

Trixie said...

You are such a brave girl to expose yourself! Speaking of exposure..a weird factoid about me: I had a naked man encounter when I was selling girl scout cookies as a young girl. I was going door to door with a friend in the only apartment building in town. He answered the door naked and he never put his clothes on during the entire transaction. I was paralized by his nakedness. My dad had him arrested.

One Crabapple said...

o- GAWD Poor TRIXIE !!!

Heather said...

LOL, cooked celery is yucky but raw is good with peanut butter. I HAE cooked carrots too but love them raw... yes, I am weird.. but so are you.

Lorie said...

I will not freak Laura out.
I will not freak Laura out.
I will not freak Laura out.
I will not freak Laura out.
I will not freak Laura out.
I will not freak Laura.........

I am renting my garments as I type. I hope that makes up for it.

Deb said...

Laughing at #5.. I have STACKS of them. And one weird little idiosyncracy of mine is that when a magazine comes into the house, I HAVE to be the first one to read it. I hate reading them once they have been looked at. My DH always teases me about it ;0)