Monday, December 18, 2006


ALL ARTWORK ON THIS ENTRY IS BY THE WONDERFULLY TALENTED DIANE DUDA!!!!! I bought all three of these pieces from her. Two from her Etsy shop and the middle one from her Ebay shop!!!! I love her work from the depths of my heart....they just speak to me so! She is a dear and you have to check out her blog! So many great drawings! I found her because she left a comment on my blog! My lucky day!!! I am become a Duda collector!!! Try and stop me, you won't be able to. I look back on some of things she has done in the past and wish I would have known about her before because there are so many great drawings. I think she is just a PURE GENIUS!!!
The colors and drawings look great on the blog, but I must say they are even better in person!!!

Thank you Diane for making my life happier!!!!!


One Crabapple said...



Diane Duda said...

Wow! I'm sitting at my computer and blushing. No one has ever said such nice things about me since...well, ever!

Thanks so much, Laura! I'll do my best to keep-em-comin'.

Beth said...

Ohhhh...I love these too and I'm thrilled that you are a Duda groupie....I'm assuming there are groupies as her stuff is AMAZING !!!!

Trixie said...

I think Miss Duda better check in to a 12 step program to offer those addicted to her art...cuz its catching! I can open up a Betty Ford Clinic for the Art Addicted!

Anonymous said...
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