Monday, May 01, 2006


This is my first blog entry! It is so spur of the moment. Yesterday morning I was waking up slowly and I had all these great ideas I wanted to blog about! Now, it is Sunday afternoon, getting close to Oscar time, and I came downstairs from the bedroom from an unsuccesful napping session and just decided to see who offered a free blog. I pressed a couple of buttons and here I am! I hope I can get back to this same site in the future!I envision this blog as a total learning experience. I would like to post about books, movies, music, stamping, and all the things that I love. I read a ton of blogs everyday and hope to be even 1/4 as interesting as they are. I also hope to learn how to post pictures of things (which means finally learning to use our digital camera!). I would like to have a currently reading feature. I want to post all the lists of my Best Books through the years that I have been doing it also.Well, let's see how it goes!!!!!
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kevin beck said...

I'm sure your blog will be great. Looking forward to reading more.