Sunday, May 07, 2006


Usually on a toot I buy about 5 books. There were a ton that caught my eye yesterday. My goal was to buy only one, the Anne Tyler, but then I walked by this book and the cover caught my eye. I started reading the first few pages and it looked like a great and unique story. The main female character is an astronaut! She is married and has a young boy with asthma. I read the flap and it looks like a very interesting domestic drama and has the added attraction of the main character having a unique (to say the least) job! I think she ends up on a trouble space shuttle mission. It is not science fiction as it is actually set before 2001. It looks really good and is up on my next to read list!

I also got the latest issue of Stamper's Sampler Catch Up issue! Fun! Will be reading that tonight and hopefully watching a movie! Oh, and today I got a rotary cutter, cutting board, and good scissors for cutting fabric, along with some assorted yardage of cool fabric in anticipation of the Lesley Riley class we are taking in September. Good weekend!

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iliana said...

I have that book too. It does look good doesn't it.

What Lesley Riley class are you taking? I'm going to Art & Soul in Dallas this week!! I'm so excited and I get to take one of her classes. I'll be sure to report on it :)