Friday, May 12, 2006

ATC and a question

Here is a recent ATC I made. Those gals look like they are having a great time!

I just finished watching the movie "Match Point." It is a Woody Allen movie. Very different from his usual movies. This was set in current day London. It was so gorgeous! Granted, the characters were wealthy and so had access to opera, art galleries, top of the line shops, etc. It made me want to hop right over there. Then I started daydreaming.......and so I ask you a question.....What city in what year would you like to spend some time???? Tonight I would say London in about you?


Heather said...

any town in Italy!! We spent 4 days of our honeymoon in San Gimignano in Tuscany and then 4 more in Venice. I fell in love with Italy and would return in the drop of a hat!

Cris said...

19th century England without a doubt. I love the time period and the country (although France is a very close second!). Love your ATC Laura. The colors are festive, just like the girl's dresses. I agree, they look as if they are having loads of fun.

iliana said...

Wonderful ATC! What city in what year? That's tough. I would say Italy though. Ask me next week and it might be somewhere else , I love to travel :)