Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom! Happy Mother's Day to all my friend's who are Moms! Today I am so thankful that I have a Mom that loved me so dearly! She always thinks I am just wonderful (well, except when I never cleaned up my room and always took the scissors out of the drawer!). My Mom is beautiful, loving, funny, interesting, and full of life! Thank you for everything you do for me Mom!

Today, I also think of my Grandmothers. They were just the best. I miss them both everyday.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to hang out with a dear little 5-year-0ld girl.....what a lucky gal I was to have such sweet love thrown my way. We got to sing and play around, and I just enjoyed myself so.

So, on Mother's Day I honor all those great relationships past and present between mothers and children....... how sweet they are.


Cris C said...

What a sweet message Laura. Happy Mother's day!

carlenelf said...

Adorable pic! How's your Alpha Journal coming along?

Beth said...

What a sweet picture....I love it !!! And your words.....well it's obvious you and your mother have a great relationship. You are very lucky !!!!

Izabella said...

Thanks for your lovely note on my blog! how sweet of you to come to my defense! yes it is quite shocking to get notes on my blog like that...I seem to be getting more than usual these is a yucky feeling, but hey, I have more invisible online friends, than yucky message leavers :)

thanks again for the note & I love your atc's...very kool, I love your sweet & calming!

xo ~Izabella