Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

Wondeful weekend........gorgeous weather, beautiful city skyline and Lake Michigan, time spent with husband, toot with girlfriends, and two cats live in my house!!! I am lucky!

On Saturday we went downtown to see a play. My Dad and Mary gave us tickets for Christmas and the play is in production this month. The Old Curiosity Shop based on the book by Charles Dickens. It was so good! The theater is in the historic Chicago water tower. It is a newly done theater with great seats and the set was very innovative. The actors were great and the story was so Dickensensian. From the Playbill, "Central to our production is Charles Dickens' observation that every life is a story and that compassion can be a balm in the face of the life's many unexpected sorrows." I am a big fan of compassion. (Well, who isn't?)

Mike and I also went to the Borders on Michigan Avenue before and after the play. It was a great Saturday down in the city. Just gorgeous. Blue sky. Not too hot. Great architecture! Chicago is such a great and lovely city.

Prior to the play Mike was instrumental in helping me make some decisions on my Alphabetica project. Design layout and background papers were his key contributions. It was neat to have his influence and opinion on the project. By the way, I am running late on this project. It was supposed to be in the mail yesterday. I anticipate that it will go out Wednesday. I have thought about the project obsessively for a month and have had performance anxiety I guess. But I got a good start this weekend and will have it sent to Beth in Wisconsin soon.

Today Trish made the trek to Downers Grove so that we could get together with Jane and finalize all our merchandise for the used rubber stamp sale next Saturday. But of course we had to squeeze in a little toot. We went down to Lincoln Park to show her a very cool stamp store, Stamp On In. Prior to our drive downtown today we witnessed the unveiling of Jane's Alphabetica is totally divine, droolworthy, and exciting! I am hoping to be able to scan a picture of it before she mails it off so you can see it. I have commisioned her to make me the same piece on canvas. It is AMAZING!!! It is also the first time she has ever done any collage work like it and so it is doubly amazing! I hope I can pull off the same kind of exciting cover for my journal.

Thanks again to Dad and Mary for the tickets!!!! Great play! I have to read the book now!


Anonymous said...

Waaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I am so jealous of you three being able to hang out and share/create art together. I bet you guys have a blast. Can't wait to see your journal.

Beth said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend...friends and doesn't get any better, does it ??

AND, timing wise, if you mail on WEDNESDAY, I should get your journal by FRIDAY and then I'll have ALL weekend to play in it. I am SO ready to go....I even have some layouts on the floor in my studio.....

Trixie said...

Oy Veh! I had a wonderful time with my girly friends literally tooting about the city! Both you and Janie have produced wonderful, soul-inspiring works of art..truly in the same class with our Alphabitica compadres. I can't wait to see them both posted here as well. See you Saturday..bummer we did not stay home and get that sale work done ;)