Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend......first of all, on Memorial Day let us pay tribute to all the soldiers and sailors that have been killed in war. What sacrifices they is awful to think of all the lives that have been cut short due to war. Which when I think of it,......wars are such a ridiculous notion. To fight and kill people???? As a way of resolving a dispute? This is just criminal to me. I lament the horrible side of mankind that could lead to such evil behavior.

Well, I guess I just had to make some comment on the meaning of Memorial Day. Now to totally switch gears...what I really wanted to talk about is something completely different. My memorable Memorial Day weekends............ you know the "secular" Memorial Day, the start of summer and all are some of my faves.....

-that time I drove my brother's car from San Francisco to L.A. to see my best friend Noreen
-that time we went up to my Dad and Mary's cabin in the Trinity Alps in northern California
-going to the Indy 500 (when it was a REAL race, not like it is now! Long story which you are probably not interested in)
-this Memorial Day weekend when I am going to a used stamp sale with friends and then spending the rest of the weekend hanging out with my dear husband.

Good times people!!!! oh, and above is an ATC I made!! The stamp is by Queen's Dresser Drawers. Check out her site she has the most awesome stamps!!!!!


Anonymous said... the first paragraph. I have only watched the Indy a few times(so I don't know too much) but I know about Nascar...don't get me started on how that has changed from when I first started watching it :0) Your atc is beautiful...those colors just pop and I love the Queen's Dresser Drawers rubberstamps also.

iliana said...

Hey Laura - That's a wonderful ATC! I haven't heard of Queen's rubber stamps but will definitely look for them. I hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

By the way, we do need to trade some ATCs - I finally have some :)

Trixie said...

Laura, an opera, the great rubber sale, mexicana delights for dinner, crafting, hubby time and've got to be mad my dear!! Had a great time with you on Saturday and I am so glad summer holiday is just around the corner.Started getting my stuff together tonight for Janie's Journal since I have the pleasure of first dibs..keep up the great reading material (this)!!