Sunday, May 07, 2006


What is a toot you ask? A toot is when you go shopping with someone fun and you go to only fun stores to buy fun things. Historically, most of my toots have been with Mike when we go to bookstores. We have been tooting this way for years. That is why I have an excess amount of books in our house. Lately, the tooting has been with Jane or Trish and these toots have taken place at stamping stores. We get so hepped up in their we sometimes have palpitations! (only half kidding people!) Anyway, this weekend I went on a traditional toot with Mike! Well, only a half toot because we only went to one bookstore. (in days past we would have hit at least three bookstores!) Anyway, I am trying to not's my new plan, read the new books I get immediately and then go to the old stack. Its not like the old stack is boring or anything. There are plenty of books that I already own that get my reading juices going, its just that there are so many good books published each month! Yesterday, I got the aforementioned Anne Tyler. I started it and it is totally great! I am so engrossed in this book already. Briefly, it tells the story of two very different families who each adopted a baby girl from Korea on the same day. I can barely put it down. The characters are so interesting and loveable. And, isn't the cover just wonderful?

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