Thursday, May 04, 2006


Last year my friend Trish and I went to a stamping expo in Milwaukee. It was like Christmas morning tailor made for adults (stamping adults that is). There were lots of companies selling stamps....we went insane! This year we went back again with Jane. We knew it was going to be a good show when we were walking in from the parking lot and looked into someone else's car and saw a 12 pack of TAB and a copy of the Stamper's Anonymous catalog! Kindred spirits!

As an aside, you must know, and always remember, that TAB is the nectar of the gods!!!! I cannot live without it! and must have it at least three times a day, and especially with breakfast!

Anyway, one of our fave companies was Inky Antics. You can find them at They have darling stamps that are so much fun, as illustrated by today's post of the card to your left. They have great demos using "stumps" and Gamsol to blend in Prismacolor pencils. It gives a perfect and soft look. So, in addition to the collage look, I have been on somewhat of an Inky Antics tear.

The best thing about Inky Antics is that they have a forum and gallery on their website. I have met the nicest bunch of women on this forum. You should check it out. If you want to join a cyberspace community that is warm, welcoming, and funny that is the place. I have already been involved in image swaps and cards swaps, and the newest thing is an RAK group. That stands for random acts of kindness. You join the RAK group, submit your address, sit back and wait for hand stamped cards to hit your mailbox!! Of course, you need to send some out too! I sent out a few the other day. I have to finish the second half of my list still. It is amazing that something as solitary as being on the Internet can lead to actual friendships! Love it!


Babsarella said...

I belong to a RAK group too, and have found some of the most wondeful friends. I love how you can really connect with others of similar interests, and RAK-ing someone who really likes and appreciate what you create is the best!!

Trixie said...

Speaking of RAK, I believe you RAKed me just today..a card came from you "just cuz"..I mean we usually exchange them "just cuz", but well this one felt different..thanks so much for your kindness and for sharing your beautiful art with me.