Monday, May 08, 2006


This is some of the fabric I got yesterday at Joanne's. We have a pretty terrible Joanne's here in Downers Grove, but I think this fabric is pretty cream of the crop stuff as far as pattern and texture, so I am quite happy with it. I am going to try to use it in my Alphabetica journal, glue it on cardstock and use it as backgrounds for cards, and for the upcoming Lesley Riley class. As I walked around Joanne's I remembered when I was little, and my Mom and her friend, Charlene would drag my friend Jill and I to the fabric store. We would just about faint from the boredom. It was truly a painful experience. Yesterday, though, I could see why people like looking around in a fabric store. Imagine if I could sew, boy I could have really done some damage in there!

My friend Jane returned from the great stamp store experience in St. Louis today! She brought me back some great stamps, paper, and new ideas for techniques. I want to try them STAT, but am too pooped at 8 p.m. to start a new project, plus tonight 24 is on and nothing supercedes that in this househould. My Mom returned yesterday from her Civil War battlefield trip. She is the president of the Chicago chapter of the Civil War Round Table, and I am very proud of her.

Well, it was a routine day around here, but those are the kind I like! Also, on the reading front...I am almost finished with the Anne Tyler book. It is so excellent!!! Run, don't walk, and get a copy!!!


Cris said...

Laura, that fabric is gorgeous! I would say you definitely bought the cream of the crop. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I had to chuckle when I read your comment about "24" -- I feel the same way!!

One Crabapple said...

Hello Laura ! I just found you !

well I am getting the knacks of this blog thing and back tracked from your message !

So , hey ! these are great finds from JoAnne's . I know ours is a little "uck" too but the one out in Porter Ranch is really nice. HUGE ! Obviously you have a good eye to have weeded thru and spied these gems.

I just got the Leslie Riley DVD for the fabric scrapbooking. Wonderful! INspiring ! I am anxious to see if you post any pictures of your book here.

Well I will be checking in to see what you are doing !

Blog on! (corny I know!)

Love, Sandy

p.s. I have "A Fine Balance" listed in my fave books too! That book really stayed with me - like I was wearing it ! Interesting.

audrey said...

Laura...the fabric looks yummy. I received a sewing machine for Christmas and I have the book "fabric art journals" that I am always looking at. I'm trying to learn a few things with the sewing machine so I can make some fabric stuff. Oh, by the way, the joann's over here isn't that great either :0)

Trixie said...

The fabrics are delish and they remind me of the journals we made at of our fun and frantic play dates...I am in need of a play date right about now!