Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Trial and Error

My friend Jane came over tonight. We wanted to try some techniques that we could use when we do the alphabetica journals. We need to learn tons more about things like Gesso and layering and building up colors. We started by mixing Gesso and paints on canvas paper. It turned out pretty cool. Then we tried the above technique which was featured at the Red Lead store in St. Louis. Jane went there a few weeks ago and found out about it. I guess it is pretty easy to see that we scratched/distressed parts of the picture and then painted the areas with very cheap watercolor paints. Lots of fun. Now, if I did this card over I would stamp the bottom sentiment in black and do the ABCs in the blue! Live and learn! If anyone reading this has any tips on how or why to use Gesso, please let me know. Anyway, we had a very good time just fooling around. We need to get our Alphabetica journals done though because they have to be in the mail on Saturday! Procrastinating again!!! I have thought about this journal for weeks and I can see it in my head. I guess I have performance anxiety. Will have to conquer that tomorrow after work!!!!

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Beth said...

Laura....are you kidding me...this is SO cute. You guys are so lucky that you have each other to play around ideas and techniques with. I'm so jealous......and besides, you WON the birdie buttons, so that should make you feel like a million bucks.