Wednesday, May 17, 2006


This is the coolest card!!!! My friend Lorie made it and I received it in the mail today. I absolutely love it!!!! Last Saturday Lorie, Susan, and I went to a couple of thrift shops. She bought a couple of patterns for a quarter each, and put the picture of the little girl in this card! She also used the Simplicity brand name in the card. Simplicity is........a trip to Goodwill. I am so excited about this card. Thanks Lorie!!!!

Lorie is the person who got me into stamping! I said I had too many books to read and stuff to cross-stitch, and that I did not need another hobby! How wrong I was!!!!

Below is a picture of the brooches I got at Goodwill. I am planning to use them as decorative elements with cabinet cards. It was so much fun looking at all of the "cheap" jewelery. We went through several trays of costume jewelery to find things we wanted. I was so hepped up I wanted to go on a road trip of thrift shops and antique stores all weekend! It is so much fun to hang out with like-minded friends! It is the most fun ever!


Trixie said...

Congrats on your big win! The pins look lovely on the site. I love Laurie's card as well. I am so glad you have this blog to keep me posted. See you Sunday!

Beth said...

Oh no, you too??? I LOVE Goodwill....some of my favorites finds are from there. The pins are great and the card from Lorie....too cute !!!!!

Cris said...

Lovley card and treasures Laura! So glad you had a good time shopping with your friends!

Annabelle said...

Just new! I Iike the pins you found and I especially like the heart-it looks very old.It be great to frame a special word something like {"Sea"} or whatever your fancy. I haven't done any form of collage or altered art with the exception of a tiny book.I can't wait to try a small project.
P.S. Collecting old things is like living a part of the past.